Wednesday, February 6, 2008

10 hours and counting

10 hours and counting
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Time has been consumed by this latest class assignment.

I'm finding I cannot procrastinate on these works the slightest bit because I have no sense of how long they will take me. With fiber work or collage work I have some experience and can gauge the time to allot. With this design work and using mediums I have no background in I need to eek out uninterrupted thinking time to accomplish anything. That's been a bit of a challenge!! All those other life events (parenting, houseworking, friending, petcaring, ....) continue to batter away at my attention.

However, this is beneficial. I enjoy the focus that taking classes gives me. It prioritizes my efforts. Much in the way I enjoy the structure of training that long distance running forces upon me. By committing to an event that I want to complete I know I must stick to the schedule or face failure. In the big scheme of things it doesn't matter a hoot whether I finish the run or complete a class assignment, but in the day to day decision making of whether to fritter the day away or make some directed effort those class or run commitments help get me towards my personal goals.

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