Friday, February 8, 2008

And a couple more hours on it..and a llama encounter

And a couple more hours on it..
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Have to draw the line on working on this piece. It could be tweaked for hours, but I have a color version to do by Tuesday and I can't put any more time into this B/W version.

Mucking about this morning catching up on housework. My mind is enchanted by yesterday's outing with the Brownie girl scouts to an animal rescue farm. Along with horse riding and grooming we took the llamas for a grazing walk. I was the adult "hanger on" for Okie - a llama with a serious underbite and "top llama" attitude. What a delightful experience. Just being away from the suburbs, down a dirt road to the farm was a heavenly occurance. Later on I was the "hanger on" for Ginger, a miniature horse a bit on the fidgety side.
Naturally all the animals we had access to were used to attention from strangers. I have to say hanging on to those animals was infinitely easier than walking my shepherd/greyhound puppy Lily. My dog is improving - she'll be great when she outgrows puppyhood, in the meantime she's a handful!

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