Saturday, February 2, 2008
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Had one of those days filled with fun little things yesterday. My self-imposed deadline for this road quilt is this weekend. I was stuck for ideas on the red band - a browse through some of my photos found one of my Oooops pictures with the right spot of red. Paint Shop Pro (or is it Print shop or Photo shop??) helped me manipulate the red into a printable rectangle and voila - red band is done. Deadline is doable.

Other silly enjoyables from yesterday... library emailed that my book was in... Amy Karol's "Bend the rules sewing" ...and while there picking it up I was complemented on my totebag...

which resulted in a fun conversation on local sources for vintage fabrics. Also checked out Nancy Crow's recent retrospective book. WOW! I need to own this one. Then I found Claudine Hellmuth's "Collage Discovery Workshop" which I picked up for the details on how to box/frame in collages on canvas. And lastly Stephen King's biographical "On Writing" that although I've read before I look forward to the journey through his creative process again.
Office Max was next to make color copies for collage and purchase the neverending print cartridge refills. Ah - serendipity again - the batteries I needed to buy were a promo freebie with the purchase of my print cartridges. My empty ink cartridges got me another discount and the color copies were on sale. Such silliness, but made my day!

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  1. Hi Jackie, I was sent to your site because of your mention of Nancy Crow. Glad to see you love her work too. Your road piece is coming out interesting. I'd like to see it when you are all done. Was thrilled to stumble upon the work of Sue Lawty. She is so up my ally!


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