Thursday, March 20, 2008

The routine

That available workspace is supposed to inspire me! I've been trying to leave it that way each evening so that clutter is one less hindrance to doing.

Each morning I wake up here - once pet duty is done - and handle email with coffee, then blogs and flickr. Sometimes the day doesn't progress much past here. That's a hindrance! How to get inspired by the 'net but not stuck?!


  1. Can I make a suggestion, Jackie? You are free to ignore it, of course.
    Try changing the order in which you do things. I also used to go first to the computer (love it, but it IS a time-sponge) but switched to going to the worktable first, with my cup of coffee. When I'm very groggy I just do tasks that I've left for such times (sewing down binding or something that doesn't need new creative ideas) or sometimes I just sit with my colours and stuff, but often while I'm waking up, I'll look at materials in new ways and next I'm off on some quest to see how this or that might work.
    I think the kind of thinking we do on the computer, cuts short the free-flowing creative stuff. At least, it did for me. My muse is jealous and wants me FIRST :)

  2. Karen! Of course you can make suggestions! I do like the idea of puttering with process-related things first off. As you say, nothing that needs new ideas. Or perhaps shuffling through things and doing setup for a creativity when the light gets better.


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