Saturday, March 15, 2008

Input Overload

A view from the ironing board - I like how the colors of my print show through the white tyvek strips!

I went to a quilt show today - Quilt Show by the Sea - hosted by one of the local shops. As well as enjoying the company of a few folks from our "Fiber & Friends" group, I loaded up on visual delights. And lightened the pocket book too.

One vendor had a great supply of books. Those above made it into my shopping bag. Sure I could buy them online and save some $$, I'm justifying the purchase as charitable - it supports our brick-n-mortar shops!!

Another booth had great packs of African batiks - a couple of assortments came home with me.
All in all an enjoyable outing. Now recovering in the recliner - trying to sort through what to do first...

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