Sunday, March 9, 2008

Work Bubble

I've been working on submissions this week. I finalized the presentation and labelling of my collages and packaged them for Dale Copeland's International Collage Exchange and Exhibit. (link in sidebar). They'll be mailed tomorrow.

I mailed off my quilt to Jennifer Brooke Marsh's International Fiber Collaborative. (link in sidebar) I'm going to miss seeing this quilt on the wall - I was getting quite attached to it!

I've started a magazine submission - waffling between two publications, one with a deadline of March 15th.

And now I'm prepping the above assemblage for submission to a state show. It's juried. That's a little daunting. So I'm wading through the submission form trying to understand the "don'ts". I'm stumbling on the "No works containing live plants, perishable items...". The assemblage has formerly alive plant pieces (twigs, dried air plant). Technically they're perishable because they will continue to dry out. Looks like I need to make some emails. Meanwhile I can formalize my statement about the piece. Later on I'll figure out how to get it down from the ledge where it's displayed/stored in my home - out of leaping Lily the hyper-puppy's reach.

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