Sunday, April 27, 2008

School's winding down...

... For my daughter as well as myself. Discovered she's learning to play the recorder in music. A little digging turned up my School Recorder Book Level 1, a gift for my 6th birthday from my Grandad. Such nostalgia. Turns out she's learning in pretty much the same order as I did some (mumble mumble) decades ago.

My college design course will finish this week. Above is a bit out of my normal vein - a composition for the perspectives portion of the class.

And this self-portrait is just about done. Lagging effort on this - it was the assignment while I was out of town - course section on texture - visual and real. I repurposed some photocopies left from our first assignment as a time shortcut, and made do with frottage on tissue (rubbings!) done on the fly in the classroom.

Time inside this weekend while a contractor worked on our house outside. Much time spent mucking about with IKEA and Closetmaid virtual planners. Trying to sort out a new plan for the master bedroom closet after the hanging rod fell to the ground. Forensics reveal that this is not the first time for such an occurance!! glad I wasn't under the shelf when the contents dumped a 4 foot pile of mess on the floor!

There's a nasty critical path when approaching one of these home projects. It starts out simply enough with ideas for a simple, elegant solution to some problem. Then the 'while I'm at it's' start up and the project blossoms into a total refurbishment. Reality sets in when the budget gets out of hand!!

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  1. Hey Jackie, from another Jackie. I had that very same book when I was young. Thanks for your comment. I have a lot to learn about blogging. Its all in a mess but I think it might get better!(It can't get worse)I couldn't get my flickr badge to stay at the side and I got mixed up about the order, and I wanted to post all that stuff as one big post but I'll do it better next time.


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