Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It was me!!

Well, this was TOO enjoyable to receive!! I'd left a comment on the Quilting Arts editors blog and Lo and Behold it was one of five randomly selected to receive a giveaway of fabrics. And wonderful ones they are too. Different textures, some very vividly colored, others more tonal. A certain uplift to the day! (usual photo disclaimer - sorry it's blurry and doesn't show how vivid the colors are - I'm not a photographer etc etc etc)

Just off the phone with my high school in Brazil . I was blocked from registering at college until they receive my high school transcripts (WHY??? I already have a degree from a FL college. Very frustrating) Anyhoo - it was with trepidation I made the calls since I had no luck figuring out a way to do it online and knew I'd face the language barrier. YUP. Fellow that answered didn't speak English, and my deeply hampered Portuguese wasn't getting me far. He was very patient and didn't give up on me - I did finally get through to the office where an English speaking lady spelled out some email addresses for me, along with notice that the staff is away on vacation until later in the month. I know it'll all work out in the long run, first I have some bureaucratic hurdles to stumble through.

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