Sunday, July 13, 2008

So I start to play

With the bulk of workshop unpacking done from the trip a couple of weeks ago, I am able to work again. Basically, that means I cleared off the table, setup the ironing board and started up the machine!!
That windfall pack of fabrics I was lucky enough to win were an inspiration. A book cover was the first intent with the guitar player printed fabric. There's my figure in progress above - female, of course, with her male backup players - and she's a leftie. Now the piece may morph into more of a wall hanging or other construction. This is the fun part - how work changes as you proceed!!

The smaller pieces have been combined with plain fabric and/or watercolor paper to be pages in a later book. In August I intend to create every day in stitch or drawing and these are backgrounds to work with.
My creative days have fallen into an easy pattern - in the early mornings I do more creative play - the guitar piece and book pages, for instance. In the late afternoons I do more constructive sewing - process based seaming and cutting. (curtains, patchwork, quilting)
Recognizing I'm a fragmented creative type - I cannot work on something for hours on end - the bookending of the day in creativity works with my natural rhythm of doing.
And inbetween?? Oh, housecare, petcare, kidcare, friendcare, ....

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