Sunday, June 7, 2009

And then I framed it...

And then I framed it..., originally uploaded by jckirner.

The exposed batting was appealing. Yet I was feeling this internal tug to bind it all in - the traditional quilt look. (Must...not...comply...struggle...)

The chair image is from photos taken on Jacksonville Beach. I loosely painted the life guard chair on a background of sunprinted muslin.
I layered the muslin and left the raw edges to blend in as I played with the machine stitching.
It has that ragged, sun-beaten, wind-worn feel of fabric exposed extensively outside.

To stop obsessing about what next - I stitched it into an IKEA box frame.

Liking the feeling of closure to finishing off that piece I started on binding the little quilt from my Mother's Day efforts.

It transitioned, of course, while stitching down the scant binding on the sides. I like the weight of the wider bands on top and bottom. ( And love how I was able to maintain the curved edge of the sides)
So - partial closure on this piece - but a vision of what it could be.

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