Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Morikami walk

Morikami walk, originally uploaded by jckirner.

Morikami Japanese Gardens have a summer pass this year. It's a favorite place for my daughter and me. Our traditional saunter around the lake - stopping at every water fountain - feeding the koi and turtles - spotting iguanas and the occasional gator - viewing the ever changing blooms. Ending (or sometimes starting!) with lunch at the Cornell Cafe and a pop into the gift shop for some Japanese candy. When I'm lucky, I get more than 5 minutes to browse the exhibits, my daughter and her friends are in the giggly stage and are a bit too distracting for a proper gander around the museum.

Still, it's getting very summery here with humidity kicking in full force. Our walks around the lake are becoming survival staggers!

On the home front our loopy dog Lily has darted at the passing ducks one time to0 many and pushed her way through the screened porch. Dewey the cat instantly leaped at the opportunity and escaped outside to meet his "other side of the screen" neighbor buddy!

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  1. It does look lovely but I don't know how you cope in that heat.


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