Saturday, August 1, 2009

Orlando vacation

Family vacation at its "staycation" best. We stayed withing driving distance of home and were happily gifted with a week at a timeshare (thanks Sis!!).

Although hubby spends much time driving for his job, it's always enjoyable to travel together. He keeps me on my musical toes with trivia quizzes on the songs we hear on the radio (or ipod).
Forget lyrics, they're not my thing - he and our daughter are the word people and can memorize like nobody else. Me - I get lost in layers of melody, harmony, and countermelody.

Staying local means relatives can visit - auntie and grandma...
Standard summer rain at the end of the day - traipsing out to our car in the far lot of a theme park. Spending my birthday with generations of family - priceless!!!


  1. Happy birthday (belated). You have a beautiful, fun-loving family.


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