Thursday, August 6, 2009

Swaps Swapped!

As I mentioned here, I became involved in the Fiber Art Traders group last month. For this first trade, having just made the mailing deadline before our travels, I arrived home from vacation and impatiently waited for the backlog of mail to be delivered.

Yep! 4 little packages were there containing the swaps. What fun to open them and explore the little PSI's (plus sized inchies) themed around Summertime Activities. And a bonus altered domino pendant from Heather Heldenberg.

From top to bottom in the picture above are swaps from Laurie Michaels, Heather Heldenberg, Michelle Bonds, and Kristen Powers, with my efforts in the bottom row.

What I didn't expect was to arrive home from vacation and find NO creative gumption in me. While I took a little art pack along and fumbled with it on a couple of mornings while away, I have returned unable to get myself to create this entire week. I'm hoping it's only fatigue and a slight yearning to return to some routine of the school year (a little over a week away). Even my school reluctant daughter has expressed some desire to return to school!!

Here's hoping a creative surge will happen after posting this!!!

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  1. Hoping I can send creative vibes your way! I get in funks too. I'll write more soon. Hang in there ;)


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