Monday, June 13, 2011

Button video - Thrift Share Monday

Last week I lamented my constant thrift buying without making efforts to list/declutter.

 Did that stop me from buying?

Uhhhh, Nope.

(Linking up today with Selena's Thrift Share Monday)

Look at all that stuff. Pyrex. Marcrest milk glass bowl. Koala/boomerang salt and pepper shakers. Precious Moments coffee beaker. Taylor something Jamaica Bay plates, Tupperware measuring spoons, Airline plate and flatware, Salem porcelle Xmas glass mug, Haeger ash tray.

And I didn't photograph the piles of books.

Nor the sidewalk sale furniture bits to spray paint for daughters room upgrading.


BUT!!!  I did 2 long mornings photographing and got some listings done.

So there is headway.

At last!

Meanwhile....have you seen this video?

For those with button addictions....

Shared on Pat's Altering Thoughts blog


  1. oh yes - what a fascinating video especially for those of us who are seriously button obsessed


  2. Heh heh - yep, Eliza! I had you in mind...

  3. I know - it's awfully hard to resist buying such cool stuff when you see it. Oh well, you could have worse vices. Lana

  4. Those tupperware measuring spoons are my all-time favorite measuring spoons. I have several sets that I use every day.


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