Monday, June 6, 2011

Trying NOT to Thrift - Thrift Share Monday

My stock overfloweth...

I am reaching critical storage capacity without heading into the ugly clutter zone (perhaps I'm already there!!)

Yet, still I buy....

Lonely Dopey Salt shaker (where's the Snow White kissing his forehead?)

And buy...

Tiniest Holly Hobbie plate from the '70's

And ....sigh.... buy

Royal Albert Flower of the Month December Saucer (without the cup)
And to top it all off...

An imperfect blingy heart pin - that proved challenging to photograph this morning!!
So, I made myself feel less guilty for obtaining-much-without-listing-much when I repurposed/upcycled a country shelf unit (with imperfect spray paint) for my daughters room. Yes, thrifted for $1, and  I removed the doors with the heart cut outs. Now, it displays those 1 million little plastic things. (Okay - we need a few more shelves! Heh Heh - reason to thrift #9343)

Spray paint on a breezy day - not advised!!

Joining in today with Selena's Thrift Share Monday.


  1. I know that cabinet! Without the doors it looks a lot cuter.

  2. The shelf looks really cool without doors. I never would have thought to do that.
    I do know that critical clutter stage. I have to get busy trying to move some stuff out because their is more I want to bring in. ;)

  3. I love the little blue shelf - and for $1.00 - who can complain???? Lana


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