Monday, August 8, 2011

More Organization - Thrift Share Monday

I am not a born organized person. I tend to fumble around in Chaos until the right organization system puts me to rights - and then I can stick with it and stay that way!!

This was my recent Aha! moment. Go vertical. Yep - been said by many and for me it sunk in with controlling the countertop office clutter.

This Pier One basket organizer sat in the garage in my Goodwill donate pile for several years - until it fell over. I glanced at it on the way to putting out some garbage and instantly saw how it could solve my ebay/etsy/amazon tools-in-chaos woes. By seeing them sorted in a vertical manner - rather than hidden in a pile or falling to the bottom of a box I get access to them easily and so simple to return them to a tidy spot. Lookee - it holds my receipt files, shipping files, camera cords, measuring tape, postal scale, postage charts, notepads, pens and (most importantly) my glasses all in reach of the computer. Yay me!!

Another week of Taxi Mom duties (last one this summer). Thrifting finds turned towards the kid stuff. A Care Bears figural mug from 1984 - Friend bear.

A modern set of Matryoshka Russian nesting dolls with hand painted horses. (Don't quiz me on the types of horses depicted - I havent' a clue)

Vintage Nancy Drew books - awwww - such sweet cover illustrations.

And a couple of plush toys - Blue from Blue's Clues and Sally from Cars.

Did you find any goodies last week? I totally missed the Kids Consignment sale in West Palm Beach over the weekend. Instead I found myself recovering from a collapsed closet rod (hello Lowe's - hello 3 bags of purged clothing!!)


  1. Great finds! I am just like you - I can't keep anything organized and thrive in chaos until I set up a system, haha.


  2. I love that care bear mug so adorable!


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