Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What I'm watching Wednesday - Bela Fleck - Throw Down Your Heart

Streaming Netflix movies to the TV or laptop is one of my favorite evening pastimes.
I'm plowing through every genre - yet I return often to documentaries and indie movies.
Netflix suggests some true gems based on my ratings of movies already viewed.
Most recently was this film about Bela Fleck. He's a renowned banjo player (no, I did not know about him until I saw the film),who made a journey to four African countries. He wished to connect and perform with folk musicians in the birthplace of the early banjo, then to ultimately record an album from this work.

I love a travel documentary. There's the 'fish out of water' disconnect of the traveler from his culture and homeland, and in this case the human reconnect through exploration of the vocals, rhythms, instrumentation of each region.

The music is wonderful. To me - soothing, not harsh - and at times so joyful.
I'll watch 'Throw Down Your Heart' a few more times - perhaps just leave it running in the background as I work through the day!!

(As someone who loves working with fabrics, dyes and textile markings - I was also enamoured of the beautiful batiks and mudcloth fabrics seen in the dress of the people.)

(all pictures Argot Pictures copyright)


  1. Oh yeah - it's Tuesday - Doh!
    I'm a day early :-)

  2. I love streaming stuff from Netflix - I'll have to put that one in my queue


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