Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Odd Tuesday

Handmade paper from one of our creative days

Gina of ClaynFiber hosted our recent Odd Tuesday creative folks get-together.

Framed up!

Our 3-4 hour get-togethers have fallen into an easy pattern.
First comes show-n-tell and sharing/returning of magazines and books.

Gina's Pumpkin treats on her handmade plate
 This time with nibbles and coffee (Gina spoils us!)

clay embellishments
And our clay embellishments fired in Gina's kiln.
(Like I said, she spoils us)

Stamp carving

Then it's on to the activity of the day.
We tried out stamp-making last time.
There's more photos here.

Do you have a creative group?
What do you get up to???

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  1. Odd Tuesday is always lots of fun, thanks for inviting me to join, and I enjoy hosting. I'm so glad I signed up at the Quilting Arts site/our meeting spot a couple years ago (or more?)!


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