Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Take A Stitch Tuesday (yes, I know it's Wednesday)

Feather stitch encircling Fly stitch

These pages of stitch should have the subtitle 'The Netflix Diaries'

Cretan stitch encircling blanket/buttonhole stitch

Streaming in the background each night were episodes of Doc Martin.
 Although I'd intended to slowly work my way through all 30-odd shows, I was too addicted and have watched them all!

Reverse appliqued pages

I've combined these two original efforts in the TAST 2012 challenge.
They're now reverse appliqued into pages.

Portraits in a book

For these remind me of portraits or photographs in a book.

I did struggle with the Cretan Stitch. A new stitch for me to try. And perhaps I'll work it again in other fibers, but for now sticking with the same silk threads used so far.

Take A Stitch Tuesday 2012 is an online weekly stitch challenge hosted by Sharon B of Pintangle.

Each week she chooses an embroidery stitch which the participants then work in any fashion they choose. All levels of participants can join in - stitch instructions are included on the site, along with some nudges in how to use them in your own designs.

There's a flickr group here, a facebook group here, and a Stitching Fingers group here.

Won't you join in too?


  1. very nice presentation of your sampler. I like it

  2. very imaginative and colourful - lovely!


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