Thursday, January 19, 2012

Things I learned from having hamsters

nat n critter
(Or technically our daughter having hamsters.)

Late last year  from the chaos of 15 hamsters, 6 cages, we at last dwindled down to none.

And in typical Blog style - I bring you

Top 10 9 things I learned from having hamsters

1. Even hamsters have their own personalities
2. Tiny baby hamsters just getting mobile are hilarious
3. Momma hamsters are very protective of their young (nip nip nip)
4. Teenage hamsters fight a lot. To the death. eww eww eww
(This resulted in some naming opportunities, however: 'One Eye', 'No lips' and the introduction of the 7th cage - 'hospital cage')
5. Runts are amazing
6. Pretty cages are the worst to clean
7. Baby hamsters can climb through mesh cages
8. Baby hamsters are very vocal
9. Hamsters love new bedding and fresh veggies

We're in reptile phase now....

Boo Boo - the leopard gecko


  1. Wow, teen hamsters ... how long does it take them to grow out of that stage?! The lizard is beautiful!

    1. Hmmm I seem to remember about age 4 months they started to fight, then after that they had to stay separated!


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