Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm Watching - Doc Martin

For a doctor he's inept at relating to people and this show is all about relationships! It's dryly funny, beautiful in small Cornwall village way, filled with quirky characters and moments.

The Doc vacillates between absolute befuddlement dealing with the locals to stern competence in his own medical realm.

The locals are bemused, cliquish at times, and desperate for a local doc.

Watching them work around each other is a real hoot!

I'm hooked in just 2 episodes of this UK show. Now shall I dash through all 30 available on Netflix as quick as possible? Or should I savor them slowly?

A bit of both, I think!

(For beautiful views updated daily of the Cornwall area visit Charles Winpenny's Cornwall Cam)

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  1. I am totally hooked and after having watched all the episodes I await the new ones, which they only started filming this past summer, and it will probably be a year or more until we get to see them, but I can wait! Glad you like it, It makes me want to get on a plane and go to Port Isaac! Enjoy the episodes and yes, savor them!!!


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