Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Craftsy quilt block class - it's free!

I'm not sure from where I surfed into
Perhaps from someone's blog that was offering a pattern through that site.
But I know I was drawn into the fresh modern style of the layout - and that got me clicking around!

The free offering this year for the quilters Block of the Month class was quite appealing.
I"m not one to do intricate piecing with all the 1/4" seams required to make blocks assemble correctly, I'm more of the unruly quilter style. (anti-perfectionist)

But this is a free course, and even though it's the more traditional quilting, I know I'll learn something! With the sampler style blocks I only have to do each one ONCE. (I don't do so well with repetition!)

That block up top is my test block - made with fabrics leftover from the log cabin style quilt I was gifted by my Mom. (This morning it's giving me the French General vibe). I adapted the pattern best I could to fit the size of the scraps I had available.

Craftsy video class in action!

My actual blocks for the online class will be made in denim and orange tones and following traditional quilter thrift - only from fabrics I have on hand.
batiks, denims, old curtain, tea towels, miscellaneous fat quarters

Here's my color pallette available...
(tho' in a pinch I may dye some fabric on hand to fill in the color value gaps)

Criss-cross lines in the Asterisk block

And here's my first block completed:

Cropped off center!

What'd I learn in the first lesson?
 That my 1/4" mark on my sewing machine foot is off!
 That I sew wobbly 1/4" lines at best.
Pressing with the iron doesn't mean stretching all your bias lines out of proportion.

Not bad for a first lesson!

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