Monday, April 2, 2012

Vintage from a U-turn - Thrift Share Monday

Vintage zodiac tray
Daisy shower hooks

It was Saturday morning, I pulled out of the school driveway and already my teen daughter and I were having the big where-to-go-next discussion (if you know what I mean ;-)

Me,  all in my errands-list-efficient driving mode (heck, gas is getting pricey - $4.03/gal at our local Chevron) and she, all in the what's-in-it-for-me mode.

Vintage Nut Chopper

Turning south by the church across the street - bright handmade signs shout FLEA MARKET TODAY. Our negotiations stop instantly as we're now on the same page. We make the u-turn and find a spot at the back of the parking lot.

We've arrived quite late in the sale. Vendors, having their first breather after the opening rush, are reorganizing the chaos. DRAT - I'm low on cash, I'll have to be very discerning - and there's a BAKE SALE too. Sigh.
Still, I pass a few dollars for allowance to the teen and we split up to spy treasures.

Macrame beads

I think my big winner was the bake sale!! A lovely loquat tart and a cup of coffee for me, and choc chip cookies for the girl.

And in hindsight, I may have offered to buy the entire stock of the macrame beads - loving the vintage colors pictured there against last weeks beach chair score.

The teen had the best bargain of all - batting her baby blues earned a free blue purse from an admiring vendor.

Leaving the sale and after errands returning home. Our local Chevron gas price has risen to $4.07. Sheesh, don't you hate that?

Broken spider web quilt block

The rest of the weekend had me playing with's free sampler quilt lessons.
Love the high quality videos and instructions!
But more on that tomorrow.

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  1. great finds - dessert sounds yummy! that quilt block is unusual, i've never seen that patter before. glad you and your daughter had a great time - kudos to her on the free bag!

  2. Hi Jackie, I asked my hubby to work it out...Our petrol (Gas) is 36% more expensive in North Queensland, Australia. That's US$5.49 in your terms. We often think we live in the lucky country but we pay for it. We also have the most expensive electricity in the world by 220%. But we do have excellent free health care... Life can be so different. Just found your blog today. Love it will be subscribing


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