Thursday, April 5, 2012

Looking for cheer on a grey day

Not sure how'd I'd do living in climates with many grey days.
I suppose I'd adjust.

Drizzling rain on and off this morning, grey skies all day.
Makes indoors quite dreary.
I'm unmotivated.

So I allowed myself to mope for a bit.
Then had another cup of coffee and took the camera out to the patio.
Playing with shots of the woven ferns resprouting after the cool weather die back.

And returning inside more invigorated, spying my quick project from last night, a bit of bright color. Applied vinyl laminated fabric to the back of a small towel.

To protect my car seat from damp swimsuit after my weekly swim session at the neighborhood pool.
(I'll be back there tomorrow - an extra session due to no school. I'll can test out my project!!)


  1. I'm getting the gardening bug... what are those gorgeous pink flowers- love how the petals look like cactus.

    1. They're purslane - excellent for extreme heat. The flowers close at night and reopen when the sun hits them!


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