Monday, May 28, 2012

Craftsy Log Cabin variations

Wonky 6 sided Log Cabin block

Sunday, before the household was up and about, I plonked some laundry in the washer and headed down the hallway to the sewing room/office/photography studio.

I was determined to focus on my Craftsy Block of the Month quilt squares.

I joined the free class in April and printed out 4 months worth of lessons.

So far I'd  completed January's slashed blocks.

Modern Log Cabin block

I wasn't much in the mood to cut squares for February's blocks, and I'd already tested out the strip piecing of March. So it was a decision between the hexagons of April or the log cabins of May.

You can see the log cabins won!

Simple assembly with no measuring to speak of, the focus is on fabric choices and width adjustments. I struggled with the modern log cabin - my bicycle center square is underwhelming - yet I could enhance it later in the quilting phase. And I played it very safe in my border choices.

January and May blocks completed

The wonky 6 sided log cabin block was meant to be 5 sided per the instructions - I guess I can't count too well!

This one I was more relaxed in my fabric choices and I think it shows as less rigid in its flow.
It's been my first chance to see how well the mix of tea towels, quilt fabric, bed sheets and old curtains would truly play together!

Well, that was fun!
Which blocks shall I play with next?

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  1. I love your Wonky Log Cabin block!
    Amy :)


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