Monday, May 21, 2012

Nuts and Mad Men - Thrift Share Monday

Gemco Orange Nut Mill

I'm curious about people. When I pick items while out thrifting I wonder how many of these bits and pieces were constantly used and how many were impulse buys tucked into the back of a cupboard and rarely put to use.

Were they "seemed like a good idea at the time" purchases, or used in a one shot recipe (thinking for me anything Martha Stewart here!)

And how many folks save the instructions (chops AND stores) that come with nut choppers and mills? This is the second one I've found this year!!

Must be some good advertising out there drawing people into their purchases.

Gregg 1950's Dictation & Transcription textbooks

OH - don't you love that Mad Men TV show on the advertising world?  Compelling characters and storylines with fantastic mid-century setting and all those vintage office goodies!

These secretarial school textbooks are eye opening!
Boy, that instruction involved a lot more than the nuts and bolts basics of how to type a letter.
There's how to sit, how to setup your desk, how to tactfully approach your boss (Mr. Baker) when correcting him. (always a him).

How to climb the ranks of the secretarial pool so that one day you too can be left alone to compose a letter, ALL BY YOURSELF. Knowing you've relieved Mr. Baker to go on to do his more important things.


Egads - look at the fun graphics in the texts!

And even better - what a cool bookmark someone left behind! A 1960's contest entry form.
You could win a 1960 Ford Valiant!

Just like Evelyn Ryan in the book  The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio: How My Mother Raised 10 Kids on 25 Words or Less - write an advertising jingle to win. (I wonder if she won one of these?)

Today I'm participating in a Giveaway contest with Sew Mama Sew. I'll have a handmade gifty you can win by commenting on that post! One winner drawn on May 25, 2012. Go HERE to join in mine!

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  1. Nice finds! That book is incredible. Sometimes I wish I had been born in another era...but books like that make me reconsider. :)

  2. that secretary hand book is amazing. what an archeological find!i also wonder about the history of the things i purchase at shops... great post.

  3. very cute little nut mill. i love the colour of it and text.

  4. I LOVE thrift stores also! GREAT book finds!
    I think alot of the things that are never used are gifts from people and if elderly, they don't like change....LOL!

    1. Good point, Dale! We have a extensive elderly population here, so that could explain some of it :-)

      Thanks for stopping by!


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