Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Color Games!

Carrying on with my sunprinted fabrics today
 (looking to make a couple more of the organizer bags)

I popped into Joann Fabrics and gathered a rainbow of fat quarters
(they'll be the insert accent stripe).

But which insert color works best?
(In real life every one of these choices works!)

I have plenty of zipper colors to choose from too!
(these from Etsy store zipit)

Lookee - there's a bag in use!
Stuffed full of Pitt pens and markers, that inner pocket keeps things in order.
(It traveled to our Odd Tuesday creative group gathering yesterday)

(Here's a sneak peek at a future bag with my 'under the sea' doodles.)

So, getting back to my fabric choices above,
Which would you use as an accent stripe?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I vote for red or lilac. Is that my Tulip crying in your bag? heeee

  2. Lilac! The others are too hard or too blending in. Cute!

  3. Tough call on the colour choice as the dark green dark blue look the same on my little screen, but I think I might like the dark green best. Pretty sun print!


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