Monday, August 6, 2012

Drinks Time - Thrift Share Monday

Taylor Smith & Taylor
Ever Yours Boutonniere cups

Color and form are my loves of the TST cups above.
I'd dropped into a family owned thrift shop to search for craft supplies
(scored a huge bag of polyfil for $1.99 - this costs nearly $8 in the shops nowadays)
but these and a few other bits had to come home with me too!

Hazel Atlas Egyptian/Greek glasses
Libbey wheat juice glasses

One at a time - I'm finding the juice glasses to go with my Libbey pitcher found a couple of weeks ago.

The wedgwood blue of the Hazel Atlas glasses is so pretty - I'll pick these up one at a time too.

Georges Briard silver Persian Garden leaf  shaped divided dish

Somewhat shabbier than my recent silver Persian Garden find,
still, a very appealing server.

Frosted and gold wheat ear tumblers

A mystery maker for these glasses.
 I love the fluted bottoms sporting a '36' in the center for the mold mark, perhaps.
Anyone have an thought on who the maker could be?
Are they contemporary knockoffs, perhaps?

Many thanks to Cap Creations for featuring my rooster cups in their Thrifty Love linkup this week!

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