Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seen at the thrifts

Bamboo effect table

It's fuzzy camera phone picture time!!
Featuring some furniture that caught my eye yesterday.

When the prices on these items are so low, it's hard to avoid bringing them home.
Even if they need a little TLC, or have great potential for an updo.

So I'll preserve them here,
and keep the clutter and incomplete projects out of my home!

The bamboo look side table keeps pulling me in. I like the slight flair at the end of the legs and the glass top with accessible shelf.
(You know we'd have that cluttered up with books and mags in no time!)

Priced originally at $25, it's had one markdown to $18.
But it's rickety, and I don't know exactly where it'd fit in my home.

It stays at the Goodwill!

Maple dresser
Screaming 1950's this maple dresser is petite. 
So much new furniture is grand scale, this one appeals to me for size alone.

Can't remember the price, perhaps $100.

Handpainted bird cabinets

These cabinets I LOVE.
It's the handpainted birds that I want!
But the units are massive.
Again I have the same reason for leaving them,
where would I put them?

Originally priced at $59, they've had one markdown to $45 each.

What have you seen at the thrifts lately?
Do you struggle to leave things behind, too?

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