Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Books and Valentines - Thrift Share Monday

Tiny vintage Valentine's - embossed paper cards that fold open  to display.

Surprisingly robust for their age...and how old could they be? No idea! 1920's?

I like the tissue accordion detail on this one!

Mid-century and later children's books came home with me too. Bold graphics in few colors.

A school reader - Jane Eyre - and a Rosalind Welcher gift book with rose colored pages.

More kids books - same thrift shop - someone had cleared their shelves!

And a valentines postcard - this one dating to 1915 by the postmark.

Not feeling especially chatty today, but I'm glad to see Apron Thrift Girl has a link up for this week, so I can join in.

REVISED: At least there was a link post up this morning, but now not there - I'll link when it's again active.

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  1. I collect older kids books pre 1970. I love the graphics. The Valentines are great!

  2. Jacki, what finds! I especially love old children's books. Would love to know more about that edition of Jane Eyre. A school reader? Interesting.


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