Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Disney - again!

Monsters University movie premiered the day we were at Walt Disney World
Topiary display here at Disney Hollywood Studios
(note the cloudless sky)

Set up the slide projector and screen - it's family vacation photo time.

(Would I be so mean to thrust my travel pics on you - NO - I mean - YES - just a bit!)

Classic park activity - visit the characters

We're Walt Disney World veterans  - and summer is NOT the easiest time to visit. (Crowded, hot, and rainy)

Disney World has been a frequent destination for us since our first visit back in 1973. (here's my sister with our coveted WDW game we received for Xmas that year - something I repurchased years later in my early days on eBay.)

But we have a different itinerary in mind this time than endless standing in line waiting for rides...

Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World
(note the clouds building in the sky)

...Park hopping!

Walt Disney World has four theme parks, and with our park hopper ticket we aimed to hit three of them in one day - and we did!

Mandatory Dole Whip at Adventureland - ducking from late day rain
(daughter has joined the Pirate League by this point)

Our activities were aimed at pre-booked events or riding low wait time rides, visiting characters and gathering pictures and autographs. New to us this time was the Pirates League (for Natalie) and an interactive scavenger hunt through Adventureland. Silly stuff - loads of fun!

Yes, those clouds did downpour on us - and the Epcot pics weren't much to look at.

Proof I was there too -
Downtown Disney Lego store dogs and family display

And lookeee at the fancy pin I picked up as souvenir...

Disney Pin - Believe in Magic - Mary Blair style castle

Yup - that's my Disney Castle quilt inspiration in pin form!

As always,
Thanks for stopping by -
See you next time!

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