Friday, July 5, 2013

Glamping Quilt - sewing the rick rack

I'm bouncing around from project to project this week - and making tiny strides on each.

(Do you need to have more than one thing on the go, or are you a stick with it until you're done type?)

Anxious to move forward on the Glamping table topper quilt, I tackled getting the rick rack in place.

It's tiny stuff - scarcely 3/8" peak to peak. I'd tested out sewing by machine and abandoned that idea immediately. Holding it in place well would need basting - and if I was going to baste I may as well sew the whole thing by hand!!

So I got started - dedicating the work table to the topper and popping in and out throughout the day to sit and stitch a bit more down.

I'm just about halfway around already - not as time consuming as I'd thought - about the same amount of effort as stitching a binding.

Sheesh - I'm always over thinking things - to think I stalled on this portion to evade the hand stitching and it turns out to be far less effort than I'd thought!!

(now to tackle the machine maintenance - got any tips on cleaning out the upper thread path? Mine seems too 'friction-y')

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  1. I love this fabric! So glad to see a great looking project using it. I just finished a quilt binding class where the teacher used a rickrack trom sewn into the binding for an eye catching binding. You might consider it to continue the theme. Just a thought. Great job. Can't wait to see it finished.

    1. OOo - I know exactly what you mean! I've seen some bigger rickrack that may work great for that. Thanks!


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