Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bicentennial Flashback - Happy 4th of July

Disneyland 1976 ephemera

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Indulge me in a little trip down memory lane - I've been scanning old photos before they fade away. For some reason the old black and white pictures survive just fine - it's the color photos that seem unstable. (But perhaps more from storage techniques and paper stock than anything else.)

Way, way back in 1976, the bicentennial year here in the USA, we Brit Folks seemed a little out of place amidst all the 200 year hoopla.

Grand Canyon and somewhere in the Prairies

And since there's comfort in numbers - our little family traveled from just outside Detroit, Michigan with our camping gear in the trunk - across the USA to rendezvous in California with cousins visiting from England.

It was quite the journey. We covered many states by choosing a southern route out and a northern route back.

Cousins and a pickup - Disneyland!

And the best part was hanging out for a week or so with cousins - bouncing around in the back of a pickup - visiting Disneyland, Hearst Castle and camping in Bodega Bay (of Hitchcock's The Birds fame).

And everywhere we went one or two of us were sporting our little buttons:

Which were met with little chuckles or quizzical looks. Heh Heh. I must admit - I'd give them a quizzical look now!

Still - it was a great trip. And from a visiting all 50 states standpoint - it knocked a huge amount off the list. In fact - I've only 10 states left to go to have stepped in them all! I'm pondering commemorating all the states I've visited by making a Scrappy Map wallhanging similar to this one...

Kinda' fun, right? I'm pretty sure coming up with 50 different fabric scraps is not going to be a problem.

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