Sunday, February 24, 2008


WHAT does it take for me to "get my butt in the chair" (craftcast podcast - see sidebar) and get going on creating??

I've read blogs, I've walked the dog, I've cleaned up doo-doo, I've read the paper, I've decluttered paper, I've taken painkillers for lingering nagging aches, I've made coffee and tea, I've walked in and out of my workroom several times.

The day is grey and lighting in the house is poor. The artwork I need to create for college is 40" x 30" and doesn't fit my workroom tables. Logistics - a constant battle besides the distractions of the family at home this weekend. Back of the mind is saying "do the laundry" "do the dishes" "take a shower" "pay the bills" "do the taxes".

Maybe I'll sink into work with the distraction of the ipod....


  1. Jackie, I have been reading a book by E. Maisel, Fearless Creating, I think the chapter I have written about last time talks about "syndroms" you are mentioning. You might find it interesing to read Cheers. Monika

  2. Thanks, Monika! That does provide some insight - I'll have to consider picking up that book.

    Alison Lee - who hosts the Craftcast podcast - talks with her guests about the whole process of getting started. How it's different for everyone and it's interesting to hear peoples' different stumbling blocks.


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