Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fiber Play

I start with these fiber twists of paper that I've painted with acrylic paints. The painted paper technique I learned from Eydi Lampasona in her mixed media/collage classes locally. (if you ever have a chance to take one of her classes or workshops - YOU MUST!! She's great) The fiber twisting part was my own doing.

Then I play with stitching the twists - maybe onto some distressed painted tyvek? Root-like, I play with this often. Shades of Maggie Grey/Jane Wild in the tyvek torture!!

Or stitched into whorls (a repeating theme of mine - purging stresses of some recent busy hurricane seasons).
More pics on my flickr site...

(Roots plus hurricane whorl)


  1. Oh Jackie, this is AWESOME! Makes we want to rush home and twist paper *right now* - and that's always a sign that I'm really taken with something :)
    (What? I have to WORK? What, the whole day? Blech. Why do I do this? ...Oh yes, the money.)

  2. So you're back to work post-surgery then. A good sign of recovery. Darn that money stuff - just filters right through the fingers so quickly. ;)

  3. All of this is beautiful! And creative!


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