Monday, June 20, 2011

Sweet Stuff - Thrift Share Monday

Nice!! A sweet 50's lidded sugar bowl and a lugged soup bowl. I could SO collect sugar and creamer sets. I love their forms and practicality. What about a booth/etsy/ebay dedicated solely to sugar creamer sets? Not sure that it would be a profitable business, but it would amuse me immensely!!

(Photo above taken outside in the early morning angular sun - butter yellow linen tablecloth backdrop nicely springing back to wrinkliness with the FL humidity)

I have no real interest in collecting soup bowls. But I fell for the marks underneath. That Ballerina Mist logo - like the twirly plastic dancers in little girls' jewelry boxes.

(Photo still taken outside - a cloud came by and squelched the sun's intensity)

Yep - a sweet set alright. Universal China's Strawflower pattern circa 1956. (Or so says

(Moved photography indoors near an east facing window - the light greyed by the window tinting.)

From the same thrift day a pair of Holly Hobbie drinking glasses, American Greetings 1969 & 1976 (ooo - the bicentennial year!). Nice heavy based ones, too. I talked about my nostalgic link to things here.

(Photographing in the office/studio now - overhead daylight bulb and sidelight OTT light. Color is zapped away from the background)

Charming Tails!! A sweet bit of nothing spotted by one of my helper-tagalongs. (I feel like a Mamma duck with ducklings in tow - this trip just 3 ducklings to watchover in errand runs.)

(Same lighting spot as above)

Then a surprise find in the kitchen things spot at Goodwill. A horde of vintage Wilton baking pans for $0.90 each.
Couldn't pass them up! All ebay bound.
That's Super Mario above - the others were Holly Hobbie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Strawberry Shortcake, Freewheelin pickup, and Playboy bunny.

(Photo'd on plain white background lit by the tint-filtered window light)

Chiming in today with Selena's Thrift Share Monday.

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